Ms. Kini Civil War Webquest

Civil War “Play List”

8th Grade Social Studies

Goals Today we will:

· Learn about the Civil War by watching videos, looking at photos, listening to a song, and reading articles online.

· Analyze primary source documents about the Civil War (photographs taken at the time) to learn about what life was like for soldiers.

· Work at your own pace and have some choice about what you will study.

· Experiment with independent, online learning.

Directions for Class

1. Read this short summary of the Civil War.

2. Watch this movie on the Civil War and take at leastone quiz. Email your results to Ms. Kini

3. Look at these photos of the Civil War. Choose 2 to analyze in depth and complete a Photograph Analysis Worksheet for. Choose 1 to print and submit with your worksheet. This is classwork today.

5. Listen to this song that people sang because they wanted soldiers they loved to come back home from the war.


A. Watch thisvideo about medicine during the Civil War.

B. Watch this video about death in the Civil War. Then look at the graphs comparing the numbers of dead during the Civil War to other wars the U.S. has fought.

7. Learn about People In The Civil War.

If you’re interested, the Library of Congress has thousands of photos of the Civil War. You can follow the links to view them here: