SF Film Resources & Curriculum

Free 6 minute movie (Pangu) screening & Q&A with directors this thursday 4/16 @4pm


Hair Love- On youtube

for K-8

Matthew A. Cherry and Executive Producer Frank E. Abney III give a peek behind-the-scenes of their new Sony Pictures Animation short film Hair Love. The story of Hair Love was born out of seeing a lack of representation in mainstream animated projects, and also wanting to promote hair love amongst young men and women of color. We hope that the presentation will be particularly inspiring for any of our young viewers who come from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the eyes of mainstream film and media, and will empower and show them that all stories are important and deserve to be seen and heard.

Q Ball -watch on Netflix

for 6-8th Graders

Learning about the road to rehabilitation and prison justice reform through ‘Q Ball’

Q Ball is a feature documentary that takes an intimate look at the lives of players of the San Quentin Warriors team. The story’s focus on rehabilitation and the road to redemption. A screening of this film may complement a curriculum in history or social studies, specifically around student activism, prison justice movements, and current events.

Taught in conjunction with this guide, the film will encourage students to think about the importance of finding a supportive community, perseverance, and acceptance. Students will also be prepared to learn more about activism.