College and Career Webquest

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College & Career Webquest

1. Go to Virginia Career View Click on Grades 6-8 and complete "Who R U". Read through the survey and click on the things you like to do. At the end, what does the survey say about which careers might fit your interests?

What careers or jobs do you know you are already interested in? That is, what are you interested in doing for a living when you are an adult?

2. Click on this infographic that shows average annual earnings for people with different levels of education in the U.S.

How much is the average annual salary for a person who has dropped out of high school?

For a high school graduate?

For a person who has graduated from college and earned a Bachelor’s degree (4 years of college)?

For a person with an advanced degree (masters, professional, or doctoral degree)?

What kind of degree are you interested in earning?

3. Go to this awesome website ( for middle and high school students about planning for college. What does it say are the 4 steps for getting to college?





Click on “Middle and High School Students.” The website lists 5 reasons why students should go to college. Which of the reasons is most convincing to you? Write it down.

Click on “Middle and High School Students—Make a Plan” and read the advice for middle school students. What is one piece of advice that you plan to follow?

After exploring the website’s section for Middle and High School students, take this college quiz to see what you learned.

4. Visit the Stanford website. What are you excited about seeing or learning more about at Stanford when we visit next week?

5. Visit the UC Santa Cruz website. What are you excited about seeing or learning more about at UC Santa Cruz?