5th Grade Home School Assignments

lectura/ reading & writing

1. Journal Entries- 10, one per day- 1 paragraph

Materials provided: Graphic organizer

2. Word work activities- Worksheet provided

Fabian 4/5 SDC- Using english sight words in a sentence / booklets provided

3. Read everyday for 60 min.

All students who attended had at least 4 books to take home and a reading log

4. Book reports on assigned reading- 5 paragraphs

Assigned books

Reading response to daily reading

Graphic organizer

5. Brain Pop- Login with GSuite for Education (Google) or Cleverl! Use your Email and password accounts

Fbian 4/5 SDC

Read everyday for 30 min.

All students who attended had at least 10 books to take home and a reading log


1. Freckle or Khan Academy -30 mins a day

Freckle: students.freckle.com

Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/login

2. Daily math review- 30 min.

Math packet- covers reviewed subject, 12 pages DS

3. BrainPop Math 30 min. Sign in through Clever.com and Click on Login with Google. Login with your google information. Parents: All students know their password. Click on the link below.


Geography- Listing of 50 States

Country map with list of cities and states

para aprendices de íngles

Eld packet - Materials provided : paper packet

Fabian's Class 4/5 SDC Problem and solution - Materials provided: booklets