History- Estudios Sociales

Kids.Gov- This is a great resources for students conducting research projects on latin music or any genre, math links, government, etc.


States websites


iCivics- great games on government facts

The American Experience- Great site on historical events. Includes videos, information, lesson plan ideas, links etc.

Mr. Donn

www.mrdonn.org Mr. Donn has great links to websites and resources, including powerpoints (which you can modify).


Common Core Resources for teaching history, from U.S. History to Civics and Economicshttp://www.shmoop.com/teachers/

Create timelines with these sites!





Xtimeline- Create a time line! It's Easy!

www.xtimeline.comThis site has interactive timelines for all disciplines available for use. It is free after you create an account. The timelines shown as examples are accurate and indepth.Great History Videos from Youtube for Middle School : Videos are a great introduction to capture students attention or provide some background knowledge.These videos are informative and catchy.

Black Plague : History Teachers Channel

William the Conqueror