Have students learn the 50 states, capitals, and landscapes!

Click on the links below

Sheppard Software- This website is great for all subjects. I provided the link specifically for learning the 50 states.

Place the State

Literally place the states in the U.S. puzzle. Start with level 1 and progress to 3.

Click and drag the states on Your Child Learns. Com

Surf Net Kids - This is a higher level game where students are given the state they must click on the state. You can click on More Games to play geography games from different regions of the world.

50 States- This site provides great links for teachers and students. Have students learn about state facts, including state flower, famous people, white pages, current events etc. This site includes STUDY TOOLS for students to memorize state locations and facts.

Great Videos On Teacher Tube

(Warning: Be careful. Some of the comments that people post below the video are inappropriate and offensive)


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