Lesson Enhancements/ Ideas

Enhance Your Lessons

Voki- Create your avatar and make it talk!


You can capture students attention real quick with these talking avatars. Teachers, you can create a Voki to introduce material or give directions. Students can create an avatar to report information, explain math vocabulary words, teach a particular concept, give reasoning for solving a math problem. The possibilities are endless!


Try this great website to get students excited about summarizing- choose an avatar, customize it if you want, and make it speak. Pretty simple.

The free version allows three files- none of which can be longer than 30 seconds.

Please note:

  • Logins are required
  • 30 second limit
  • Can create up to 3 avatars
  • Freemium model- can upgrade for more features


Has the best of internet videos. (It's blocked, so type in your SFUSD Password.


online presentations


Quick mini-presentations on various subjects. It’s a great teacher resource! The narration is text to voice, so there are minor pronunciation mistakes.


This website provides basic jeopardy games. You must check it out before you try it. It's not grade level specific, but it's a great resource!

Teaching Ideas & Lessons

Jefferson County Schools



Students and teachers can post documents, pictures, videos and can leave audio comments and leave notes on the different slides. Useful for collaborating and brainstorming ideas within groups.



Have your students create a movie using robotic characters. Students can create commercials, a commentary, a movie based on science, art, math or historical content. You need to register for free and create a username and password to save your movie.