Flexibility- Social Studies Lesson

Job Flexibility

Today, we’re going to think about what flexibility looks like in a person’s career, and learn about a new San Francisco law to give parents more flexibility in their jobs, so that they can better take care of their families.

1. Look up the definition of “flexible” online at http://www.wordsmyth.net/ and read all the definitions. Write the definition here.

2. Parent’s/Guardian’s Job Analysis

Parent/Guardian’s Job:

Name of Employer:

Location of Employer:

Number of Employees:

My parent’s work schedule/hours:

In what ways is the job flexible? In what ways is the job inflexible?

Consider: What happens if you or another family member get sick and need to be taken to the doctor? What happens if your parent gets sick and needs to miss work? What happens if your parent wants to come attend a parent/teacher conference at school?



Now, read about a new law in San Francisco that gives parents the right to ask their employers for flexible work arrangements in order to take care of their children or elderly parents.


More information is here: http://sfgsa.org/index.aspx?page=6305

Pretend you are eating dinner with your parents tonight. Describe the new law for them and share your opinion with them. Tell your parents whether you think the new law can help them, or not.

What does the new law do?

Do you agree with this new law? Explain why or why not.

Do you think the new law can help your parents? Does the law apply to their employer? If so, how can the law help your parents and your family? Explain.