Ms. Ramirez's ELD Class

Black History Music Biographies
Students in the Advanced English Language Development class are learning how to use expository language to create mini biographies.  For this assignment, students included:
  • a brief background of the artist
  • obstacles they encountered
  • accomplishments
  • famous songs they produced

Lessons included:

  • following my suggested sentence frames for writing expository text
  • Using past tense verbs
  • Paraphrasing relevant facts
  • fluency practice and enunciation 
  • overcoming their fear of hearing their own voice
  • Brief black history lessons 

Disclaimer: Students' work displayed on this webpage are a work in progress. Their language is evolving. You will see mistakes in spelling and grammar. Please focus on their thought process, tech skills and vocabulary learned.

Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5

Billie Holiday

Aretha Franklin

Jimi Hendrix

Marian Anderson

Miles Davis