ELD Class

Cesar Chavez Resources
1. Add a slide to your short film about Cesar Chavez
2. Add a slide to your project about current issues for farm workers

3. Add a page about Heat and Stress related illnesses
Click> Play to listen to the story

4. Add details on Pesticides and Illnesses

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

5. Add a slide regarding Child Labor

Ms. Ramirez's ELD Class Links & Projects

Dia De Los Muertos Shorts

Narrated by German H. & James G.

the adventures of pata and lucia.m4v

Narrated by Cindy A. & Ruth Q.

day of the death.m4v

Narrated by Miguel N.

The day of the dead.m4v

Narrated by Genesis L. & Emily C.

dia de los muertos naretive.m4v

Newcomer Class Projects
Click on the links below to view our student projects.
Darlin Zelaya- 7th grade
4. Game: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/grammar-games/prepositions-place

5. Preposition Spin the Wheel Game

ELD Assignment

Introduction video of the history of voting rights for women

YouTube Video

2. Women's Suffrage song

YouTube Video

3. Women's Vote- the Night of Terror

YouTube Video

5.  Explains how women got the right to vote

YouTube Video

Rosa Parks video-

YouTube Video

Rosa Parks faced many different situations in her life where she was treated differently because of the color of her skin.  Choose one situation that you learned about from the play Rosa Parks.  Describe the situation.  Tell how Rosa felt.  Compare it to your self.  What would you do in a similar situation?

Write a 30 second speech that describes a specific incident of prejudice that Rosa Parks faced. Then tell what you would do if the same thing happened to you.

Rosa Parks - 30 Second Speech

Watch the video and complete responses.
2. Express an opinion.
Use the following sentence frames to express an opinion.
-I firmly/ strongly believe that ___.
-In my opinion, ___.
-From my perspective, _____.
-From my point of view, _____.
Write your response on this Google Form

Expressing an opinion

Animoto Videos:
Characterization- How can you describe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's character?


Part I

YouTube Video

part II

YouTube Video

Spelling for this week
Friday, Feb. 14 
Study the words from the list below.


Rosetta Stone Tutorial

Jim Crow Laws/ Segregation ELD unit

1) Give One Get One.doc

2b) Vocab - Teacher Version Jim Crow.doc

2)Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Chart.doc

3) Anticipation Guide.doc

5) Academic Discussion.doc

Grammar Gallery

Reading High Interest Articles
Articles on a range of topics in 5 lexile levels

All About the Weather

With a partner, help each other answer the following questions on the link below.

Explaining a Story Mountain or Plot Slide

Speakaboo - The Little Red Riding Hood


Fruits and Vegetables- Review the different food groups. Play the Games.

The Digestive System Tutorial
How does our body digest food?

Kids Health Article. Click on the sound button to listen to the article.


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