Matemáticas- Math

Grades K-5  
Video tutorials and explore Common Core ideas

IXL Math

Study Jams!
Use this great website to motivate students to finish their work and play! They will practice math and reading skills with the interactive games. Use headphones if you're in the classroom.

Academic quizzes and games for students that are engaging, standards-based, and appropriate for our learners.

You can also access this site from your gmail account once you sign in.

Arcademics Skill Builders
This site has wonderful math games based on grade level.

Sheppard Software
Great site for practicing math skills by levels.

K-1 Sheppard Software
  • Have students learn about colors, shapes, animals, and letters.

Grades 6-8
Video tutorials and explore Common Core ideas

Purple Math - Algebra
You can checkout the links to receive tutorials

BBC’s Skillwise
Good site for math. It’s BBC, so some of the wording is different. It’s not good for money lessons as they deal in pounds, but other math ideas is fun. Its free and contains worksheets and games or online practice.

Khan Academy
  • Watch video tutorials
  • Have students practice math problems with annotation tools
  • If students and teachers create accounts, have students add you as a coach to monitor their math progress.
Homework Help
multiplying fractions